Arabian Nights – Secret of the Desert – Vol 11

“Secrets of the Desert is the story of two princesses, Noura and Laila – in Arabic, the words for “night” and “light” – who are united by love and sacrifice, but divided by their beliefs in tradition and family honor. An arranged marriage by their strict father, the king, sets in motion a series of dramatic events that will captivate the audience until the very end. The lavish production with stunning choreography & exquisite costumes utilizes a fusion of belly dance, hip hop, aerial and more to tell the spell-binding story of forbidden love, tradition, honor & duty. Set against a backdrop of a magical and mystical world of Middle Eastern culture, profound issues such as democracy and women’s rights are explored…. A feast for the senses.

This off-Broadway production was written, produced, choreographed & directed by Amira Mor, performed by Billy Grey with the spectacular cast of the Jewels dancers.

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